418 Job Status in Fujian full age threshold --- all 418 recruitment jobs set age requirements, and April 18, 193 institutions in Fujian Fujian Province, Human Resources and Social Security Department to report to. Guo Bin, the people of Shenzhen, said the move of the institutions not only suspected illegal acts, nor the public nature. Guo Bin is the author of one of the "Shenzhen employment discrimination investigation report. Previously reported recruitment of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange alleged age discrimination, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to deal with, take the initiative to remove with the age limit for recruitment announcement. April 17, Guo Bin login Recruitment Examination network of institutions in Fujian Province, Fujian Province, the employer is the recruitment of staff, but each post has a age limit. "We found that generally set the age requirement, immediately recruiting job statistics." According to Guo Bin, a total of 418 jobs are set age limit. Among them, there are two positions require 25 years of age; 291 job requires 30 years of age, accounting for 69.62%; 105 Requirements 35 years of age, accounting for 25.12%; 20 Requirements 40 years of age, accounting for 4.78%. These positions are 193 institutions. "I am very surprised that the 193 units of 418 jobs have age threshold." April 18, Guo Bin, the EMS to the Fujian Province, Human Resources and Social Security Department sent a letter to report to require the alleged age discrimination. behavior in accordance with the law, timely and effective manner. Ministry of Personnel and institutions open recruitment Interim Provisions "Article 10 explicitly require that" public institutions open recruitment shall not be set discriminatory conditions. In fact, Article 9 of the provision on the candidates do conditions which there is no age limit. Letter to report that the 193 institutions in Fujian Province to "age" the necessary physiological indicators as a basic condition for the recruitment of staff, is a violation of the right of equal employment age is inconsistent candidates. In addition, Guo Bin, set the threshold of too much age does not comply with the public nature of the institutions, "as the use of public resources to build institutions and social welfare for work purposes, and their positions should be more public nature, shall be to all the qualified for the work of citizens and opening up. Domestic well-known anti-discrimination people, the Chinese University of Hong Kong Visiting Fellow Army, said: "The recruitment of Fujian institutions questioned by the public, that these institutions, the concept of equality in employment is lagging far behind not only inconsistent with the existing legal provisions does not meet the direction of reform of public institutions. "He said:" If you do not strengthen the concept of equality in employment, public institutions will be difficult to deal with future work. employment discrimi