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Thread: Hello everyone :)

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    Hello everyone :)

    Hello my name is joe. I'm from south korea (manu's number 13 player 'park' is our national player)
    I'm 19 years old girl , and my favorite player is Juan Mata and Fernando Torres.
    wanna know many things about football - tactics and other stuff ...

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    Hi Joe,

    Welcome to the forum.
    Park is a decent player and too bad he plays for Man U

    You came to the right place. We talk about Chelsea from a variety of different topics, so you will end up learning a lot every day.
    If you have any questions, you can ask anyone on this forum and they will be happy to assist.

    May I also take this opportunity to help invite some of your friends (if they are chelsea fans) to come and join this forum.

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    Hello Joe, good to have you here. I'm sure you'll learn a lot about Chelsea from people on this site!

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