Napoli vs Chelsea


Stadium: Stadio San Paolo
Tuesday 21st February 2012
19:45 GMT

We now play a team that is strong in the UCL, a team that beat Manchester City a while ago.
Playing away from home first will be tough, especially with our current form.
If our dream is to win the UCL, then we have to work our socks off for this game and treat it like the finals.

Drogba could be in time for this match and I can see AVB choosing Drogba for this game instead of Torres, unless Torres starts to impress AVB before this game starts (which is very unlikely).

Ramires could be a doubt for this game but it would be great if he is fit.

Whats your match predictions for this game?

My Match Predictions: 1-1 Chelsea
Drogba 1

Final Score

Napoli vs Chelsea
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