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Thread: Can Chelsea get past a Stubborn Napoli Side in the UEFA Champions League?

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    Can Chelsea get past a Stubborn Napoli Side in the UEFA Champions League?

    Hey, I have written an article on whether <a href="http://">Chelsea Can Get Past a Stubborn Napoli</a> in my personal blog. How many of you think that Chelsea are going to return with a away win?

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    I thought the anchor text would work. Anyway, here is the link for all of you.

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    Ofcourse mate why not,we have done many things more than this napoli side.

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    Good article there.
    Would be good if you can quote the article in here instead like this:

    Can Chelsea Get Past a Stubborn Napoli in the UEFA Champions League?

    This is not the right time for Chelsea to come head to head against a side that can incur serious damage to the English club. It is all but clear that they are not going to win the English Premier League. They are out of the Carling Cup tournament. Home game against Birmingham City in the FA cup was really poor. In fact, it seems they have forgotten how to win right now. Torres says, 'I cannot score'. Andre Villas Boas is not sure whom to choose - Torres or Drogba - in the first eleven for the away match against Napoli. Sturridge claims that there is still harmony in the team! But how much that's only we can imagine. In short, Chelsea are in real jeopardy.

    Napoli, on the other hand, are in great form. Their main players are in great form also. In the UEFA Champions League, they won their last two matches quite convincingly against Manchester City and Villarreal respectively. In the Italian Serie A they are unbeaten in the last 4 matches that include two back to back victories in the last two matches. Whereas, Torres cannot find the back of the net, Edinson Cavani of Napoli is in the form of his life with 15 goals scored already in this season.

    Having said all these, we cannot ignore the fact that UEFA Champions League is all about drama and entertainment. What we can do is only judge by recent happenings. To some people, it will be a huge surprise if Chelsea loose the match against Napoli no matter what Chelsea's current form is. However, Chelsea also have the chance to surprise the world by winning the first tie against Napoli if you take their recent form into consideration. To answer to the question of the title of the article, yes, Chelsea can get past Napoli. But only time will say if they can do it or not. Anything can happen. But my bet is - well, I can only say that after the match is finished. One thing that I can say is that I can't wait anymore for the quite intriguing match to start, can you?

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